WILLIAM DURRANT was born about 1737.
1755 14th October Married ANNE COCKERELL at Monk Soham.
1784 19th September. Burial of wife, aged 56 years, at Monk Soham.
1824 10th October. Burial, aged 87 years, at Monk Soham. Gravestone.

ELIZABETH DURRANT 1758 Baptised on the 2nd of July at Monk Soham.
Married John Day.
Child: George Day 1782.

MARY DURRANT 1760 Baptised on the 6th of April at Monk Soham.

JAMES DURRANT 1761 Baptised at Monks Soham.
1782 9th July Married Elizabeth Woodward at Charsfield.
Married Mary.
Children: James Durrant 1783, Mary Durrant 1790.

1786 20th August Married Susan Woolnough at Charsfield.
1802 Married Lucy Stollery at Monewdon.
Children: Lucy Durrant 1804. James Durrant 1805. Abraham Durrant 1807, Isaac Durrant 1808.

NATHANIEL DURRANT 1765 Baptised on the 14th of April at Monk Soham.
1782 21th December Married Elizabeth Bailey at Dennington.
Children: Elizabeth Durrant 1783, Sarah Durrant 1785, Mary Durrant 1787, William Durrant 1788, Samuel Durrant 1788, Ezekiel Durrant 1791, Nathaniel Durrant 1793, Robert Durrant 1795, John Durrant 1797, James Durrant 1801.

EZEKIEL DURRANT 1767 Baptised on the 12th of April at Monk Soham.
1787 12th February Married MARY OXBURY at Ipswich.
Children: James Durrant 1789, William Durrant 1791, Mary Durrant 1792.
1798 11th October Married Elizabeth Calver at Charsfield.

ROSE DURRANT 1770 Baptised on the 8th of May at Monk Soham.
1796 11th October Married Richard Elliott at Monk Soham.

1796 10th October Married Sarah Howard at Charfield.
Married Mary.
Child: John Durrant 1804.

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