THOMAS GIBSON was born at Great Massingham
1819 12th October Of Hempton. Married ELIZABETH FULCHER in West Newton.
She already had a child, Thomas Fulcher aka Gibson, born in 1819.
1841 Was living in Flitcham.
1851 Was living in Flitcham. Occupation; shepherd.
1861 Was living in Flitcham, Fakenham Road. Occupation; shepherd.
1862 2nd March Burial of wife in Flitcham churchyard.
1871 Was living, as a boarder in Flitcham in a cottage in the parish. Occupation; shepherd.
1872 9th April Burial in Flitcham churchyard.

CHILDREN of Thomas and Elizabeth:

MARY GIBSON 1821 Baptised on the 19th of June in Fakenham.
1848 Married David Doubleday in the Shoreditch district.
Children: William Doubleday 1849, Henry Doubleday 1851, Mary Ann Doubleday 1853, Elizabeth Doubleday 1855, Eliza Doubleday 1857, John James Doubleday 1858, Mary Ann Doubleday 1860, Amelia Doubleday 1861, David Doubleday 1862.

ELIZABETH GIBSON 1823 Baptised on the 18th of August in West Newton.
1865. Married Henry Chisnell in the Lewisham district.

MARTIN GIBSON 1825 Baptised on the 30th of December at West Newton.
1841 Was living at Flitcham.
1851 Was living at Flitcham with Appleton. Occupation; farm labourer.
1855 28th April Married MAHALA RAMM in Flitcham.
1861 Was living in Bircham Road, Flitcham. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1865 4th August Wife buried in Flitcham churchyard.
1865 9th October Married Esther Foster.
1871 Was living at Roydon. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1879 Wife died in the Freebridge district.
1879 Married Hannah Elizabeth Coman.
1881 Was living in Low Road, Roydon. Occupation; labourer.
1891 Was living in Low Road, Roydon. Occupation; farm labourer.
1892 Wife died in the Freebridge district.
1892 19th November Married Elizabeth Hodgson (maiden name Smith).
1901 Was living at Grimston, a retired labourer.
1909 5th March Buried in Grimston churchyard.
Children (1st wife): George Gibson 1856, Emily Gibson 1858, Frederick William Gibson 1860, Elizabeth Gibson 1862, Mary Gibson 1865.

SARAH GIBSON 1828 Baptised on the 31st of March at West Newton.
1849 10 January Of Lynn. Married William Linford, son of David Linford, at Terrington St. Clement
Children: David Linford 1849, William James Linford 1850, George Linford 1852, Elizabeth Linford 1858, Sarah Ann Linford 1860, Jacob Thomas Linford 1863.

WILLIAM GIBSON 1830 Baptised on the 30th of August at West Newton.
1856 Married Sarah Coe.
Children: Elizabeth Gibson 1857, Hannah Gibson 1860.

ANN GIBSON 1833 Baptised on the 14th of January at West Newton.

EMILY GIBSON 1835 Baptised on the 29th of November at Flitcham.
1850 22nd December Buried in Flitcham churchyard.

REBECCA GIBSON 1839 Baptised on the 26th of May at Flitcham.
1866 Married John Fulcher of Litcham in the Marylebone district.
Children: Arthur John Fulcher 1870, Ada Rebecca Fulcher 1872.

HANNAH GIBSON 1841 Baptised on the 21st of November at Flitcham.
1878 Married Joseph Field at St. George Hanover Square.
Child: Annie Field 1872.

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