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When my parents decided to marry their respective parents discussed whether it was advisable as they were in fact already related. Father was a son of Charles Gilding, who had married Elizabeth Twite, and mother, who did a fair amount of this research, the daughter of Leonard Gilding and his wife Mary Ann Littlewood. Charles and Leonard Gilding were actually first cousins, but twice over. The parents of Charles were Arthur George Gilding and his spouse Rebecca Perry, and the parents of Leonard were Elijah Gilding, (Arthur George's brother), and Ellen Perry, (Rebecca's sister). A confusing start, perhaps, but looking into their respective ancestors it turns out the Gildings and the Perrys were related further back. This information my grandparents, most likely, wouldn't have known about when they had their family discussions! Throw in a first cousin marriage along the way makes for an interesting, and sometimes complicated, ancestry. Like the Gilding family Elizabeth Twite's ancestors were from various parts of Norfolk. Many of her lines are less complicated and some can be traced back to the sixteenth or seventeenth centuries while others are halted only by missing parish registers. Mary Ann Littlewood was born in Essex and came to Norfolk through her work in service. She stayed on in Norfolk but her ancestors were almost all from North East Essex.

The rural counties of Norfolk, Essex and Suffolk are situated close to the eastern coast of England. In the past these counties relied heavily on agriculture and had strong connections with the sea. Depressions in agriculture in the 1800s caused some people to migrate away from these coastal counties. Nowadays many individuals around the world can trace at least one of their ancestors back to this area of England. Perhaps your family are to be found on here. Direct line surnames:

GILDING, Boughen and Chilvers. PERRY and Secker. EAGLE, Gage, Greengrass, Turner, Waller, Righteous and Carter. WRIGHT, Watts, Brownsell, Raby, Heighoe, Parlett, Crisp and Frost. VOUT, Chilvers, Walpole, Shall, Bull, Bagley, Thurlow, Mason and Harvey. RIX, Margetson, Lawson, Scott, Raby, Cook and Franklin. BONE, Eagle, Mortimer, Greengrass, Waller and Righteous. All from Norfolk.

TWITE, Woods, Villars, King, Harrowing and Carlton. GIBSON, Gore, Grief, Martin, Evans, Saddleton, White and Hawes. COOPER, Laws, Buckingham, Shittle and Goll. RAMM, Rudd, Yarham, Browne, Wightman, Fish, Bowman, Odams, Clarke, Bedam and Allens. FLOWER, Dodman, Abell, Winter, Gedge, Branch, Gates and Woodhouse. NEAL. FULCHER, Bowen, Pierce, Mason and Griffin. GREEN, Goulty, Vincent, Burridge, Wakefield, Crow and Woolstone. All from Norfolk.

LITTLEWOOD, Abbott, Newcomb, Townsend, Bacon, Burton and Dennish. OXLEY, and Palmer. BACON, Burgess, Steel, Reed and Osborn. FAIRBROTHER, Root, Turkey, Turner and Burrows. CANDLER and Day. STUDD and Gooch. DURRANT, Oxbury and Cockerell. AKERS and Smith. All from Essex except the Suffolk Durrant branch.

The photographs on this home page are all from the one generation and include Leonard Gilding (6th photo) and Charles Gilding (10th photo), Elizabeth Twite (14th photo), and Mary Ann Littlewood (21st photo), and some of their siblings.

While researching a lot of historical items were gathered together, and are still being collected. These items relate to our ancestors, or to their siblings, and many can now be found written up in date order in the Notes located at the bottom of most pages. Hopefully these will make the research rather more appealing than just a big collection of names, and will give an insight into HOW WE USED TO LIVE.

But it doesn't stop there! Over time other history items of interest were put together. Several related families were researched, or certain aspects of life in ancestral parishes looked into. These are in the process of being sorted and will, a bit at a time, be added to this website. Click on the link RURAL, SOCIAL & FAMILY HISTORY to obtain an insight into who really was who and how we really did live in the past. Keep an eye on the new HOW WE USED TO LIVE - RURAL HISTORY Facebook Page for updates, photographs, and more.

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