THOMAS RAMM was born on the 4th of December and baptised on the 8th of Dec. at Fakenham.
1808 13th of May Married JANE GREEN at Houghton.
She had already had a child: William Green in baptised in March 1808.
1841 Was living in Houghton. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1847 2nd January Burial of wife in Houghton churchyard. Memorial stone.
1851 Was living in Houghton, Village street. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1868 17th of December Died. Buried in Houghton churchyard on the 23rd of December. Stone.

CHILDREN of Thomas and Jane:

ANN RAMM 1809 Baptised 16th February at Houghton.
1810 2nd March. Burial in Houghton churchyard.

1835 14th October. Married Phoebe Curry at Dunton.
Children: Elizabeth Ramm 1836, Thomas Ramm 1839, Phoebe Ramm 1841.

WILLIAM RAMM 1813 Baptised on the 15th of August at Houghton.
1850 31st October. Married Sarah Curry at Houghton.
Children: Curry Ramm 1851, Robert Ramm 1853, Hannah Ramm 1854, Maria Ramm 1860.

RICHARD RAMM 1816 Baptised on the 14th of January at Houghton.
1847 27th March Married Mary Ann Emmerson at Ingoldisthorpe.
Children: Jane Ramm 1847, Esther Ramm 1850, Ann Ramm 1853, Thomas Ramm 1855, Sarah Ann Ramm 1857, Henry Ramm 1859, Ephraim Ramm 1862, Richard Ramm 1865, Abraham Ramm 1867, Walter James Ramm 1870.

SUSANNA RAMM 1818 Baptised on the 18th of April at Houghton.
1838 4th November. Married Francis Hilling at Houghton.
Children: Elizabeth Hilling 1842, Susan Hilling 1845, Robert Hilling 1848, Jemima Hilling 1850, Mary Ann Hilling 1853, Francis Edward Hilling 1856.

CATHERINE RAMM 1822 Baptised on the 6th of January at Houghton.
1847 She had a chlld: Catherine Ramm, 1851 She had a child: Caroline Ramm.
1854 13th January. Married Bany Henry Dix, son of Nathanial and Elizabeth, at Houghton.
Children: Hannah Ramm 1854, William Ramm 1855.

EDWARD RAMM 1825 Baptised on the 25th of July at Houghton.
1850 Married Caroline Nicholls in the Freebridge district.
1877 Married Mary Dye in the Docking district, a daughter of Samuel and Maria Dye.
Children: George Ramm 1850, William Ramm 1855, Edward Ramm 1857, Frederick Ramm 1859, Elizabeth Ramm 1862.

MAHALA RAMM 1826 Baptised on the 1st of October at Houghton.
1841 Was living at Houghton.
1855 28th April Married MARTIN GIBSON in Flitcham.
1861 Was living in Bircham Road, Flitcham.
1865 4th August Buried in Flitcham churchyard.
Children: George Gibson 1856, Emily Gibson 1858, Frederick William Gibson 1861, Elizabeth Gibson 1862, Mary Gibson 1865.

GEORGE RAMM 1830 Baptised on the 28th of February at Houghton.
1903 14th May Burial in Houghton churchyard.

FANNY RAMM 1833 Baptised on the 19th of April at Houghton.
1833 21st April Burial in Houghton churchyard.

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