ROBERT RIX was baptised at Litcham on the 6th March 1781.
1802 11th October. Married ELIZABETH MARGETSON in Beeston.
1841 Living at West Lexham, Main Street. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1848 Death of wife in the Mitford district, aged 65 years.
1851 Living at West Lexham. Occupation; agricultural labourer. widower.
1853 Death in the Mitford district, aged 73 years.

CHILDREN of Robert and Elizabeth:

MARY ANN RIX 1803 Baptised on the 30th of April at North Elmham.
1823 Married John Dickerson at West Lexham.
Children: Robert Dickerson 1824, Henry Dickerson 1825, Jane Dickerson 1828, Eliza Dickerson 1831, Harriett Dickerson 1833.

FRANCES RIX 1804 Baptised on the 15th November at Litcham.
1825 18th December. Married at West Lexham, John Smith of Castle Acre.
Children: John Smith, Jacob Smith 1828, Daniel Smith 1829, Eliza Smith 1831, Nehemiah Smith 1833, Ruth Smith 1836, Rachael Smith 1837, Elias Smith 1839, Elisha Smith 1841, Elijah Smith 1843, Ellen Smith 1848.

ANN RIX 1807 Born on the 30th of June and baptised on the 1st of July at Litcham.
1827 14th December. Married John Eagle at Sporle.
1841 Living at Sporle.
1846 25th February. Burial in Sporle.
Children: Samuel Eagle 1828, Rose Eagle 1830, Elizabeth Eagle 1831, Hannah Eagle 1833, Elijah Eagle 1836, Maria Eagle 1838, Robert Eagle 1839, William Eagle 1840, Mary Ann Eagle 1842, James Eagle 1844, "Male" Eagle 1846.

SUSANNA RIX 1809 Born on the 26th of April and baptised on the 27th at Litcham.
1829 3rd March. Married James Barker at West Lexham, son of William and Jane Barker.
Children: James Barker, Henry Barker 1830, Elizabeth Barker 1832, George Barker 1835, John Barker, Charlotte Barker 1840, Robert Barker 1842, Henry Barker 1844, Samuel Barker 1847.

JOHN RIX 1811 Baptised 28th of April at West Lexham.
1832 11th November. Married Martha George at Stanfield.
Children: John Rix 1833, George Rix 1839, George Rix 1841, Arthur Rix 1844, Fanny Rix 1846, Mary Ann Rix 1849, Arthur Rix 1851.

JAMES RIX 1814 Baptised 24th of January at West Lexham.
1814 5th February. Buried in West Lexham.

HANNAH RIX 1816 Baptised 13th of June at West Lexham.
1838 A child was born: Robert Rix.

JAMES RIX 1818 Baptised 9th of February at West Lexham.

ROBERT RIX 1820 Baptised 23rd of April at West Lexham.

1843 11th October. Married Louisa Pollington at West Lexham, daughter of John Pollington.

GEORGE RIX 1825 Baptised 1st of April at West Lexham.
1846 18th September. Married Frances Edwards at West Lexham, daughter of Robert Edwards.
Children: Robert Rix 1848, Harriet Rix 1849, George Rix 1851, John Rix 1853, Mary Ann 1856, James Rix 1858, Trianta Fanny Rix 1860, George Rix 1863, Arthur Rix 1866, Elizabeth Ann Rix 1868, Caleb Rix 1870, Eliza Rix 1872.

ELIZABETH RIX 1828 Baptised 3rd of February at West Lexham.
1845 11th October. Married William Howling at West Lexham, son of Matthew Howling.
Children: Robert Howling 1849, Frances Howling 1850, James Howling 1853, George Howling 1855, Nehemiah Howling 1857, Susanna Howling 1858, George Howling 1861, Elizabeth Howling 1863, Eliza Howling 1865, Jane Howling 1867, Emma Howling and Sarah Howling 1869.

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