ISRAEL RIX was baptised in Wighton on the 24th of February 1753.
1774 23rd December. Married Rosamond or ROSE LAWSON in Hempstead near Holt.
1816 5th March. Wife buried in Litcham Churchyard.
1847 25th January. Buried in Litcham Churchyard.

CHILDREN of Israel and Rosamond:

ELIZABETH RIX 1775 Baptised on the 2nd of May.
1800. A child was born: Mary Ann Rix.

NICHOLAS RIX 1777 Baptised on the 17th of March.

THOMAS RIX 1779 Baptised on the 10th of March.
1803 18th April. Married Mary Cooper in Litcham.
Children: James Rix 1804, Ann Rix 1806, Nicholas Rix 1808, Sarah Rix 1810, James Rix 1814, Benjamin Rix 1818, Esther Rix.
1823 9th January. Married Ann Lincoln in Litcham, daughter of Robert and Lydia Lincoln.
Children: James Rix 1824, Lydia Rix 1824, Israel Rix 1827, John Rix 1829, Martha Rix 1832, William Rix 1834, Henry Rix 1839.

ROBERT RIX 1781 Baptised in Litcham in the 6th March.
1802 11th October. Married ELIZABETH MARGESON in Beeston.
1841 Living in West Lexham, Main Street. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1851 Living in West Lexham. Occupation; agricultural labourer. widower.
Children: Frances Rix 1804, Ann Rix 1807, Susanna Rix 1809, John Rix 1811, Robert Rix 1814, William Rix 1823, George Rix 1825, Elizabeth Rix 1828.

WILLIAM RIX 1783 Baptised in Litcham on the 6th of July.
Married Sarah.
Children: William Rix 1817, John Rix 1819, James Israel Rix 1822, Robert Rix 1826.

ANN RIX 1785 Baptised in Litcham on the 22nd of August. Twin.
1785 8th September. Buried in Litcham.

MARY RIX 1785 Baptised in Litcham on the 22nd of August. Twin.
1785 8th September. Buried in Litcham.

JOHN RIX 1787 Baptised in Litcham on the 18th of April.

JAMES RIX 1789 Baptised in Litcham on the 6th of September.

ANN RIX 1793 Baptised in Litcham on the 7th of July.
1813 A child was born: Sarah Rix.
1820 25th December. Married George Guymer.
Children: Martha Rose Guymer 1822, George Guymer 1824.

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