ANTHONY TWITE was baptised on the 5th February 1796 at Great Dunham.
1815. Married ELIZABETH COOPER at Congham.
1841 Was living in Grimston. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1851 Was living in Grimston. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1861 Was living in Grimston, Long Row. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1864 10th November. Burial in Grimston churchyard.
1876 14th June. Widow of Anthony Twite buried in Grimston churchyard.

CHILDREN OF Anthony and Elizabeth:

JAMES TWITE 1815 Baptised on the 21st of December at Grimston.
Married Mary Ann Parker.
Children: Eliza Twite 1838, Sarah Twite 1840, Henry Twite 1843, Betsy Twite 1845, twins: Anthony and George Twite 1847, Sarah Twite 1851.

JOHN TWITE 1818 Baptised on the 12th of April at Grimston.
1818 May Buried in Grimston Churchyard.

HANNAH TWITE 1819 Baptised on the 5th of September at Grimston.
1838 16th July. Married James Barlow, son of William and Frances, in Grimston.
Children: James Barlow 1840, John Barlow 1842, Elizabeth Barlow 1843, Eliza Barlow 1845, George Barlow 1849, Anthony Barlow 1851, William Barlow 1854.

ELIZA TWITE 1821 Baptised on the 28th of November at Grimston.
1844 21st June Married Christopher Bass, son of James Bass, at Tilney cum Islington.
Children: Elizabeth Bass 1844, James Bass 1846, Christopher Bass 1848, John Bass 1850, Eliza Bass 1852, James Bass 1853, George Bass 1855, Sarah Ann Bass 1857, George Bass 1858, Robert Bass 1860.

ELIZABETH TWITE 1825 Baptised on the 6th of March at Grimston.
1848 24th October. Married James Bugg, son of John and Ann Bugg, in Grimston.
Children: William Bugg 1849, Sarah Ann Bugg 1850, Eliza Bugg 1852, James Bugg 1856, Elizabeth Bugg 1860, George Bugg 1863.

HAPPY TWITE 1827 Baptised on the 4th of Novmber at Grimston.
1848. She had a child: George Twite.
Married John Gull, son of William and Elizabeth Gull, in Grimston.
Children: Edward John Gull 1851, Elizabeth Ann Gull 1854, Sarah Ann Gull 1856, James William 1858, Charlotte Eliza Gull 1860, Frederick William Gull 1863, Hannah Maria Gull 1865, Mary Ann Gull 1867, Anna Maria Gull 1871.

DAVID TWITE 1829 Baptised on the 9th of June 1833 at Grimston.
1851 2nd September. Buried in Grimston churchyard.

SARAH TWITE 1833 Baptised on the 9th of June at Grimston.
1861 31st January. Married Robert Morris, son of William Morris, in King's Lynn.

1837 27th February. Buried in Grimston churchyard.

GEORGE TWITE 1837 Baptised on the 13th of August at Grimston.
1857 4th September. Married Mary Wilkinson.
Children: George Twite 1858, twins: George and Mary Twite 1859, George William Twite 1860, Mary Elizabeth Twite 1861, George William Twite 1864, William Twite 1866, Harriet Ann Twite 1868, John William Twite 1870, Margaret Ann Twite 1872, Sarah Jessie Matilda Twite 1875, James Edward Bone Twite 1877, Mabel Florence Twite 1879, Alice May Twite 1881.

EDWARD TWITE 1838 Baptised on the 30th of March 1851 at Grimston.
1841 Was living in Grimston.
1851 Was living in Grimston.
1861 Was living in Long Row, Grimston. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1866 16th May. Married Martha (maiden name Stamford) in Grimston. She was at the time the widow of William Money and had had at least five children.
1871 Was living in Long Row, Grimston. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1874 27th July. Burial of wife Martha in Grimston churchyard.
1879. Married Susan (maiden name Mays) in Grimston. She was a widow of both George Bunnett and Robert Porter and had had at least six children.
1881 Was living in Low Road, Grimston. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1891 Was living in Long Row Road, Grimston. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1894 1st December. Burial of wife Susan in Grimston churchyard.
1895 20th July. Married EMILY GIBSON, daughter of Martin and Mahala Gibson in Grimston. She already had a daughter Agnes Gibson born in 1886 and a son William George Gibson in 1889.
1901 Was living in the Colston area of Grimston. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1911 Was living at Grimston.
1911 11th December. Buried in the Grimston churchyard.
1932 Widow Emily Twite died.
Child: Elizabeth Twite 1896.

WILLIAM TWITE 1844 Baptised on the 23rd of September 1877.
1866 18th November. Married Elizabeth Baxter aka Childs, daughter of Jane, in King's Lynn.
Children: Jonathan William Twite 1867, Alice Elizabeth Twite 1869, David James Twite 1871, Caroline Margaret Twite 1872, Charles William Twite 1875, Charles Anthony Twite 1877, John Twite 1879, William James Twite 1882, Ernest Daniel Twite 1884, Elizabeth Ann Twite 1887.

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