SAMUEL WRIGHT was baptised on the 30th September 1770 in Necton.
1792 6th August. Married MARY WATTS at Little Dunham.
1841 Living in Little Dunham, Swaffham Street. Occupation; farm labourer.
1851 Living in Little Dunham, Stand Lane. Occupation; agricultural labourer.
1851 23rd November. Burial in Little Dunham Churchyard.

CHILDREN of Samuel and Mary:

ELIZABETH WRIGHT 1793 Baptised on the 2nd of June in Great Dunham.
1819 A child was born: Samuel Wright.

ELLEN WRIGHT 1797 Born on the 1st January and baptised on the 29th at Little Dunham.
1817 A child was born: Mary Ann Wright.
1821 6th November. Married Robert Awker in Snettisham, son of John and Elizabeth Awker.
Children: Samuel Awker 1822, John Awker 1825, Richard Awker 1828, James Awker 1831, Elizabeth Awker 1834, Henry Awker 1837, Charlotte Awker 1840, Robert Awker 1844.

CLARA WRIGHT 1799 Born on the 10th of May and baptised on the 12th at Little Dunham.
1823 19th October. Married JOHN PERRY at Little Fransham. Clara signed.
1841 Living in Necton.
1851 Living in Necton.
1861 Living in Necton, Chantry Lane.
1871 Living in Sculcoates, Yorkshire.
1874 Death in Yorkshire.
Children: William Christmas Perry 1824, James Perry 1828, George Perry 1831, Samuel Perry 1833, Harriet Perry 1836, Emma Perry 1841.

SAMUEL WRIGHT 1801 Born on the 15th of July and baptised on the 18th at Little Dunham.
1801 30th August. Burial in Little Dunham Churchyard.

SAMUEL WRIGHT 1802 Born on the 25th July and baptised on the 28th at Little Dunham.
1823 31st August. Married SUSANNA BONE at Sporle.
1823 19th October Both witnessed marriage of Clara. Susan signed, Samuel made his mark.
1841 Living in Sporle with Palgrave, Swaffham Street. Occupation; farm labourer.
1851 Living in Sporle with Palgrave, Sporle Street. Occ; rat destroyer and agricultural labourer.
1861 Living in Sporle with Palgrave, Street. Vermin destroyer.
1868 16th February. Wife died and was buried at Sporle.
1871 Living in Sporle with Palgrave, Sporle Street. Occupation; vermin destroyer.
1876 26th September. Burial in Sporle Churchyard.
Children: Sarah Ann Wright 1824, Robert Wright 1826, Mary Wright 1828, Maria Wright 1830, Henry Wright 1832, Ellen Wright 1834, Thomas Wright 1836, James Wright 1839, Charles Wright 1841, Ellen Wright 1843, James Wright 1845.

RICHARD WRIGHT 1804 Born on the 4th of October and baptised on the 7th at Little Dunham.
1832 6th May. Married Emma Peacox at Great Yarmouth.
Children: Herbert Richard Wright 1833, Emma Louisa Wright 1836, Richard Wright 1839, Susannah Oliver Wright 1840, Georgiana Wright 1843, Henrietta Wright 1844, Louisa Matilda Wright 1845.

JAMES WRIGHT 1806 Born on the 11th of September and baptised on the 20th at Little Dunham.
1827 6th February. Burial in Little Dunham Churchyard.

THOMAS WRIGHT 1808 Born on the 7th of July and baptised on the 9th at Little Dunham.
1835 10th December. Married Frances Franklyn at Little Dunham.
Children: Charles James Wright 1838, Emma Wright 1841, Isaac Wright 1843, Jacob Wright 1845, Elizabeth Franklyn Wright 1852.

CHARLOTTE WRIGHT 1810 Born on the 8th of June and baptised on the 1st July at Lt. Dunham.
1831 3rd March. Married James Boyce in Little Dunham, son of Thomas and Ursula Boyce.
Children: George Boyce 1832, William Boyce 1834, Thomas Boyce 1836, Mary Anne Boyce 1838, Elizabeth Boyce 1840, Elizabeth Boyce 1844.

HENRY WRIGHT 1812 Born on the 16th of July and baptised on the 16th of Aug. at Lt. Dunham.
1834 11th October. Married Jane Smith.
Children: Henry Wright 1835, Elizabeth Wright 1837.
1867 Married Elizabeth Awker in the King's Lynn district.

MICHAEL WRIGHT 1814 Born on the 28th of Sept. and bapt. on the 23rd of Oct. at Lt. Dunham.
1837 28th September. Married Elizabeth Fuller, daughter of James Fuller.
Children: James Wright 1840, Lucy Wright 1842, Frances Wright 1844.

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